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In Solidarity,

Lee Stewart


Dear BXE family,

Probably no agency is more aligned with Trump’s energy policies than the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, aka FERC. This is the once little-known agency charged with approving interstate fracked-gas pipelines, compressor stations, and export terminals, among other responsibilities. For decades, it has acted as a rubber stamp for the fossil fuel industry, approving virtually all permit applications, regardless of massive public opposition, need, or threats to our health, environment, and climate.. It’s clear that Trump and FERC will go together like burgers and fries! Unless we stop FERC’s rubber stamp, this agency will continue to fulfill Donald Trump’s desire to expand the fossil fuel empire.


That’s why we’re going to disrupt FERC’s Commission Meeting on Thursday, January 19th.

Please join us as we seek to pack the FERC Commission Meeting room and show the commissioners that we have the power to stop their rubber stamp machine! Afterwards, we will rally outside to hear the voices of those fighting on the frontlines.

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In the struggle,

Lee Stewart


Upcoming Events (From Friends and Allies)

  1. MONTHLY DOMINION NO PIPELINE, MOVE YOUR COAL ASH DEMO. Tuesday, Jan. 17. Virginia Beach, VA. Hampton Roads residents are seeing the impacts of climate change NOW and we’re demanding that our utility company, Dominion Power, clean up their act, their coal ash and invest in renewables NOW! Click here to learn more.
  2. COURT SOLIDARITY. Wednesday, Jan. 18. Forrest City, AR. Dec. 12th was the official appearance of Arkansas Rising, a collective of water guardians protecting the natural state against the Diamond Pipeline. Two water guardians, Frank, a grandfather, and Amber, a mother of two, locked down to stop construction that morning. Support them in court. Click here to learn more!
  3. COURT SUPPORT FOR THE #SCHUMER15. Thursday, Jan. 19. New York, NY. Back in October, 15 people were arrested blockading Schumer’s midtown office to prod him to actually do what he says he wants to do and Stop Spectra who continuously gives us lip service. Click here to learn more about court support.
  4. EVICT THE DEMOCRATS ON J19. Thursday, Jan. 19. Washington, DC. “The Democrat’s push for the TPP, for all-of-the-above energy policies when we should keep fossil fuels in the ground, mass deportations, wars and extrajudicial murders by drones, privatized health care and education and more have grown the wealth divide and fueled hatred towards Muslims and immigrants. They have lost the confidence of people and they need to go.”  Click here to learn more.
  5. 100 HOURS OF RESISTANCE: NORTHERN VIRGINIANS CONFRONTING CLIMATE. Sunday, Jan. 22. Arlington, VA. Northern Virginia is full of Institutions of climate denial, part of the international efforts to keep the oil and gas running their business as usual. This includes Donor’s Trust, the Charles Koch Foundation, and ALEC. We’re going to send a clear message to all three. Click here to learn more.

Action Items (From Friends and Allies)

  1. ATXEJ (Austin Environmental Justice Team) has created this form to map out skills, supplies, timelines, and more for continuing the fight to protect our land, air, and water from pipeline billionaire Kelcy Warren and his fossil fuel friends. Your help is needed on two fronts: 1) Participate in or support from afar the 3 new Native-led camps in West Texas. 2) Keeping pressure on Energy Transfer Partners, their CEO Kelcy Warren, and their head of Government Affairs Grant Ruckel. Click here to learn more!
  2. “Tell FERC: Reject the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.” Although FERC doesn’t work and never has, there may be some value in submitting public comment, if only to slow down their work by flooding them with material. Click here to submit a comment on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Sample language is included. All you have to do is submit.
  3. Click here to sign the “Line 5 Pledge of Resistance.” Line 5 is a 63-year-old pipeline, operated by the Canadian company Enbridge and pumps almost 23 million gallons of oil daily through some of the Great Lakes regions most sensitive ecosystems.
  4. The North Carolina Alliance to Protect Our People And The Places We Live (APPPL) is organizing a Walk along the 205 mile proposed route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in NC beginning on Saturday March 4 at the Virginia-North Carolina border in Northhampton County and ending two weeks later in Hamlet. Registration is now open. Click here to sign up, and click here to support the walk.
  5. Click here to “Like” Apache Stronghold on Facebook. The Third Annual March to Oak Flat is coming up in February. Learn more about the fight against mining on sacred land going on there.

Reading Material

  1. “Supporters, foes of Atlantic Sunrise pipeline in Lancaster County gird for final decision.” Click here to read more about how a decision on this PA pipeline is impending, and what folks in Lancaster County are doing about it!
  2. “Texas Water Protector Locks Herself to Construction Equipment: Her action was in direct opposition to the Comanche Trail Pipeline, a 195-mile long natural gas pipeline in the Texas town of San Elizario.” Click here to read more.
  3. Click here to watch a video of Cherri Foytlin of Bold Louisiana speaking at a #NoBayouBridge Hearing in Baton Rouge.
  4. “Video: Prayers Over Pipelines!” Click here to watch water protectors locking to one another to support prayerful action to stop the Sabal Trail pipeline in FL.
  5. ‘Racist, Unsafe’ Texas Pipelines.” Click here to watch Cindy Spoon speak “about the hazards and hypocrisies that inspired her to join an indigenous resistance camp, known as Two Rivers Camp, in Presidio County, Texas. Spoon is among a growing number of people gathering in West Texas committed to using direct action to stop oil and gas projects such as Energy Transfer Partners’ Trans-Pecos Pipeline being run from Fort Stockton, Texas, across the Big Bend region, and to the Rio Grande, wh…ere it would cross to connect into Mexico’s growing natural gas infrastructure. ETP is the company headed by Kelcy Warren that is behind the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota being fought by the Standing Rock Sioux and allies around the world.”
  6. “Group plans encampments, protests against pipeline project.” Click here to read about plans for an encampment in PA to stop the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.
  7. “Power plant battle follows [RI] Governor Raimondo to Washington D.C.” Click here to read more about a disruption Raimondo faced while speaking on a panel with Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA); Governor Mary Fallin (R-OK) and Michael Bloomberg.
  8. “Senators Keep Heat on FERC, Raise New Concerns Over Conflicts of Interest in Spectra Gas Pipeline Project.” Click here to read more!
  9. Pipeline protesters have message for Cuomo.” Click here to read about those in New York rising up to stop the Northern Access fracked gas pipeline.
  10. “FERC ignores available pipeline capacity.” The Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Atlantic Coast pipeline came out last week, and it’s not surprise that FERC ignores what the Dept. of Energy said in regard to projected “needed” fracked gas infrastructure. Click here to learn more.

Picture of the Week


This picture was taken by BXEer Elisabeth Hoffman at a Lancaster Against Pipelines event in Lancaster, PA, where Lancaster protectors burned copies of FERC’s environmental review of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

Quote of the Week

“Thousands of us are preparing to do justice if you and the government refuse to. We are training. We are gaining strength in resolve and in numbers, and we believe doing the right thing is more important than standing by and watching FERC permit the industry to destroy our livelihoods, our homes, our land, our earth, even if the industry’s actions have been deemed legal.” –Malinda Harnish Clatterbuck, Martic Township resident, associate pastor and co-founder of Lancaster Against Pipelines in this article.

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(All items in this BXEEkly were shared by friends and allies and/or selected by Lee Stewart)

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