FERC Into FREC … the Movie!

In the summer of 2020 BXE released the FERC Into FREC Movie- a short film documenting the campaign to replace the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission with our Federal Renewable Energy Commission. The film highlights BXE’s two week long roadshows screening our previous film ‘FERC Doesn’t Work’ and discussing frontline visions for building a Federal Renewable Energy Commission to replace FERC.

The Roadshow traveled through the shale fields of western Pennsylvania to the Elba Island Liquified Natural Gas export terminal in Savannah Georgia. In between we made stops in Doddridge County and Buckhannon, WV; Harrisonburg, Staunton and Nelson County, Va; Charlotte, Tillery, Rocky Mount, Fayetteville and Robeson County, NC; and Columbia, SC. Over the course of these trips we met with what turned out to be hundreds of local people, most of them working against FERC, fracking, and the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. Based on the conversations we had with community members on the frontline of the struggle against fossil fuel expansion, we have sought to create a grassroots vision of what a Federal Renewable Energy Commission would entail.

Appropriately the FERC Into FREC movie was first publicly screened by secretly projecting the film on the side of the FERC offices in Washington D.C. !

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