FERC Doesn’t Work

FERC Doesn’t Work is a short film summarizing the the relationship between FERC and the fossil fuel industry. We encourage activists, organizers, and community members to share the videos on social media, with their groups, on list serves, and other platforms!

You can watch each video on its own, or as one film or playlist of shorts. Thanks to videographers Maren Poitras and Andrew Geller for their work!


What is FERC?

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is the most dangerous federal agency many Americans have never heard of. We care about FERC because it is in charge of approving–or not–interstate gas pipelines and infrastructure projects. FERC has turned down only 2 gas pipeline projects out of over 500 submitted over the past 30 years.

In a world where the impacts of fossil-fuel induced climate change are so clear, and so devastating, it’s absolutely necessary that FERC be replaced with an agency dedicated to an active and just transition off fossil fuels.

Are Oil and Gas Pipelines for the Public Good?

Through the voices of those directly harmed, this video introduces eminent domain abuses.

Is Natural Gas a Clean Alternative?

The notion that fracked gas is a clean transition fuel is widespread. This video debunks the lie.

Greed Pays: Pipelines and Profits

We’ve all heard the lie that pipelines create jobs and economic development. Greed Pays: Pipelines and Profits is about how greed and profit are baked into the system of pipeline construction and fracked gas infrastructure.

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