FERC Into FREC Campaign

Our country and world desperately need the enactment of a Green New Deal. The science is clear: by 2030 we must be decisively onto the path of energy efficiency, conservation and wind, solar and other genuinely clean and safe renewable energy sources. Fossil fuels must be in a sharp and permanent decline as the power source for electricity, as well as for transportation and heating/cooling of buildings.

This Green New Deal (GND) shift will lead to the creation of millions of new jobs, including for those historically discriminated against and for those currently working in the fossil fuel industry. It will strengthen the labor and other movements and increase the number of good-paying, union jobs in our economy. It can be a major driver of the kind of positive, justice-based social and economic transformation so clearly needed in the United States.

This shift is already happening, but not rapidly enough. Just as FDR’s New Deal in the 1930s created the legislation and policies that began to raise the U.S. out of the Great Depression, the Green New Deal can bring together the people of this country and concentrate our collective efforts on the historic, must-succeed task of transforming our energy system and economy and doing so within the third decade of this century, by 2030.

In order for GND legislation to accomplish this task it must include a transformation of the federal agency tasked with regulating and overseeing the U.S. electrical grid-FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

FERC was created in 1977 when Congress passed the Department of Energy Reorganization Act. Over 40 years later, it’s time for a FERC overhaul. FERC must be replaced by FREC, the Federal Renewable Energy Commission.

To push the importance of replacing FERC with FREC, BXE has launched the FERC Into FREC Campaign. This campaign aims to push political players to adopt FREC as part of any Green New Deal as well as to generate grass roots direct action mobilizations capable of putting the pressure on. BXE launched the FERC Into FREC campaign on April 18th, 2019 by climbing and occupying the awning of the FERC office in Washington DC for 6 hours. Two activists while hung a banner that demanded the creation of FREC. Simultaneously we launched https://frecnotferc.com/ and disrupted the FERC meeting going on below our awning occupation.

The next phase of our campaign has been to create the FERC Into FREC Sign-on Statement. This document has been signed and supported by 218 organizations. Leveraging this we asked Democratic, Green, Libertarian, and Republican presidential candidates whether they publicly endorsed the idea of replacing FERC with FREC. Thus far Howie Hawkins, Bernie Sanders, Ian Schlakman, Joe Sestak and Elizabeth Warren have supported FREC as part of the Green New Deal!

Now BXE is moving to the frontlines doing a roadshow through the shalefields of PA and the pipeline routes of Appalachia to talk about FREC and the putting frontlines voices into the Green New Deal.

Stay tuned for more!