The FERC Into FREC Candidate Pledge

BXE, Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund, Food and Water Action and Hip Hop Caucus are launching a drive to raise the profile of the FERC Into FREC campaign, doing so through a Candidate’s Pledge. Our intention is to gather as many signers as possible for this pledge from any candidate running for office in the US over the next four months leading up to the November 8 election. Through that work we can do education and raise consciousness about how problematic FERC continues to be and why it needs to be replaced. We would also then have in January of 2023 a group of people elected to Congress, and other elected officials, who have signed on whom we can work with.

Political Candidates:

As a candidate for public office in 2022, I pledge to support legislation to replace the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission with the Federal Renewable Energy Commission, whose job it will be to ensure just, safe and affordable green energy for all people in this country.

It is time to replace FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, with FREC, a Federal Renewable Energy Commission. There is historic precedent for this. FERC was created in 1977 when Congress enacted legislation to replace the Federal Power Commission, created in 1935, with FERC. Over 40 years later, with a very different energy reality than 1977, it’s time for a new FREC to replace the old FERC.

We must create an independent energy agency which leads the critically needed shift away from all fossil fuels to jobs-creating, justice-based, renewable green energy from proven renewable technologies including, but not limited to, ecologically-sound solar, wind, small-scale hydro and geothermal. FREC would be about renewables first, ensuring that distributed energy resources and transmission of sustainably-generated electricity are provided to all, with priority to environmental justice communities long damaged by fossil fuel production. Neither war nor anything else can alter this as a top, immediate priority.

FERC cannot play this leadership role given its decades-long history as a captured agency by industry.

A new FREC must center genuine public participation in decision-making from affected communities, particularly low-income, Indigenous and people of color communities which have historically suffered from environmental pollution and governmental injustice.

A new FREC would not be funded by fees on industries applying for permits, a reality which has corrupted FERC decision-making, but by Congressional appropriations.

And a new FREC would prioritize making information and data easily accessible and shareable to the public, as well as simplify the process for informed public participation in decision-making about proposed

new energy projects.

Support the Candidate Pledge Campaign:

Please fill out this form to indicate your interest in helping this new push in the FERC Into FREC Campaign. We need a federal energy agency that is serious about the urgently needed shift off of fossil fuels and onto a just transition to clean and safe renewable energy!


Check out this document for more details of FERC, Frequently Asked Questions, and sample phone and email scripts:

Supporting Organizations:

  1. Beyond Extreme Energy
  2. Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund
  3. Food and Water Watch Action
  4. Hip Hop Caucus
  5. 350Kishwaukee
  6. 350ma-Berkshires 
  7. 350NYC
  8. Acorn In a Tuxedo
  9. ARTivism Virginia
  10. Berkshire Environmental Action Team
  11. Biss engineering
  12. Build A Better Planet
  13. Charlotte Mecklenburg NAACP
  14. Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund
  15. Chop Wood, Carry Water (daily actions newsletter)
  16. The Climate Reality Project Charlotte – Metro area
  17. Coattails K9 Clothes
  18. Colorbrightongreen 
  19. Comeback Farm Organic Produce
  20. Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County 
  21. CSLB
  22. Daily Essentials for Health, LLC
  23. dana power 
  24. Dietrick Institute for Applied Insect Ecology
  25. Earth Accounting
  26. Eighty2degrees Design Studio
  27. Environmental Justice Team, Cedar Lane UU Church
  28. Experimental Cities, Inc.
  29. fccpr
  30. Flaherty & Associates
  31. Four Winds Gallery
  32. Geneva Management
  33. HA-HC
  34. Honduran National Academy of Sciences Select Title
  35. HTLV/XMRV National Registry….(National NGO BioMedical/BioPolitical Group)
  36. Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s Climate Action Campaign
  37. Kickapoo Peace Circle
  38. LAPetrophysical
  39. Living Nature’s Design
  40. Marcellus Outreach Butler 
  41. Matt Albert Ortho-Bionomy
  42. MBBC
  43. MelRose Ministries-Positive Transformative Change
  44. NJ State Industrial Union Council
  45. No Boundaries
  46. No Fracked Gas in Mass
  47. Omniscapes
  48. Parallax Perspectives
  49. People for Reason in Science and Medicine
  50. Pinelands Preservation
  51. Planet Earth
  52. Salutation*
  53. Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
  54. Saving Energy NY LLC
  56. Sisters of Charity Federation
  57. Socher Law Office, APC
  58. SOMA Action
  59. Sugar Shack Alliance 
  60. Sustainable Environment Institute of the LACCD
  61. Symbiosis Tree Care
  62. Sztompke Sound
  63. Taurus Tech LLC
  64. Terra Advocati
  65. the forest
  66. Third Act Virginia
  67. Vangarde Marketing Solutions
  68. Vitalbeebuds 
  69. Wallingford Indivisible Environment Action Group
  70. WESPAC Foundation, Inc.
  71. Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic for a Humane World
  72. WR Consulting, Inc.
  73. WV Mountain Party
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