BXE’s principles of nonviolence

BXE’s vision includes a safe climate and environmental justice, a world free of the oppressive policies, practices and corporate power that keep peoples and nations addicted to fossil fuel extraction and consumption. To this end, we work closely with other individuals and organizations around the world, and will at times directly confront government institutions, individuals and corporations that promote and maintain oppressive structures and practices.

BXE is committed to doing this work using strategies and tactics of militant nonviolence that respect the humanity of both our allies and our adversaries. Together, we envision a day in which a culture of peace with justice and respect for Earth will prevail, where all people will live together free from oppression and injustice, and where our economies equitably sustain the lives of people and the ecosystems of the planet.

In all our actions and activities, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • We will act, educate, gather together and advocate in a manner that reflects the nonviolent democratic and sustainable world we choose to create.
  • We will promote an alternative to domination systems by acting with love, respect, mutuality, compassion, and acceptance for the interdependence of all life, including the lives of our adversaries.
  • We will struggle for a world free from violence, and we will use actions, words and symbols consistent with this struggle.
  • We will not use or instigate violent actions against any person or property.
  • Our concern is for the safety of participants and surrounding community, so we will not use or carry weapons.
  • We will act with respect for the people and property of the local community.
  • We will promote the safety of ourselves and others through our actions and interactions.
  • During actions, we will follow the directions of the designated organizers.
  • Those who do not act in accordance with these principles during actions with Beyond Extreme Energy should leave the action; they will no longer be considered to be part of Beyond Extreme Energy.
  • BXE will adhere scrupulously to our nonviolence guidelines. Others may use strategies different from ours.

We commit to recognize and to work nonviolently to dismantle all forms of oppression in our personal relationships, local neighborhoods, governments, corporate structures, globally and with the Earth itself.


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