8 BXE Activists Disrupt July FERC Meeting

Today Beyond Extreme Energy and pals disrupted the monthly meeting of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). In total eight people disrupted the meeting, standing and shouting to commissioners until removed from the room by security. 

To start the day BXE members picketed outside and joined a press conference put on by the LA Bucket Brigade about critical environmental justice fights in the gulf coast.

As the FERC meeting began BXE members that had been previously banned from FERC meetings were placed into an overflow room, but escaped when the police weren’t looking and joined the main meeting. Over the course of the meeting eight people disrupted the proceedings and were thrown out.

Bill Muth rose first looking at FERC Commissioner Richard Glick:

“A larger problem than a failed grid is a failed planet. My grandson is 8 years old, he will experience 36 times more heat waves than I did in his lifetime. Please deny the Mountain Valley Pipeline anymore time. 36 times more heatwaves. My grandchildren, your children and grandchildren. Please deny the Mountain Valley Pipeline. We’re headed towards a climate catastrophe!”

We demand that FERC deny the Mountain Valley Pipeline a four year extension for the construction of their useless, financially doomed, fracked gas pipeline in West Virginia/ Virginia.

We demand that FERC be dismantled and replaced with the Federal Renewable Energy Commission which would focus fully on decarbonization, transition to renewable energy, environmental justice, and community controlled energy.

You can check out footage and photos of the action here!

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