Announcing BXE’s Community Supported Organizer (CSO) Program!

Beyond Extreme Energy has two main objectives.

One is to work with our friends and allies around the country to shine a transformative spotlight on the  Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), an arm of the oil and gas industries that masquerades as government bureaucracy. Each rubber-stamped permit issued by FERC for fracked gas infrastructure is really an act of violence perpetrated against communities, towns, and the climate by the fossil fuel industry. We believe that exposing FERC is an important part of the larger movement to stop the unnecessary use of poisonous, climate-change inducing fossil fuel infrastructure.

Another objective of Beyond Extreme Energy is to fight for a world free of exploitation, including for an exploitation-free energy system. Building this better future means working side-by-side with frontline communities resisting harmful projects where they live. It also means playing an active role in larger movements against white supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism, and corporate capitalism.

Although Beyond Extreme Energy is a mostly volunteer organization of remarkably committed folks, as a collective, we also rely on two paid organizers to help carry our objectives forward. That’s why we’re turning to you, the Beyond Extreme Energy community, to financially sustain our collective work.

Inspired by a similar model used by the Backbone Campaign, we are launching a “community supported organizer” (CSO) program. Would you consider signing up to make a sustaining donation for our two paid organizers?

Beyond Extreme Energy would like to make Jimmy Betts and Lee Stewart our community-supported organizers. This means their ongoing work and $2,500 per month salary would be 100% community supported.


If you sign-up to make a sustaining donation to Jimmy and/or Lee, you will receive monthly updates from them on the work they’re doing.

To read more about Jimmy and Lee, their backgrounds, and the work they do for Beyond Extreme Energy, and to sign up to make sustaining donations, please click on the links below. Thank you for your much needed support. Without your financial contribution, we wouldn’t be able to do the work as well as we’re able to now. It is very much appreciated!

Jimmy Betts                       Lee Stewart
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