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Dozens of Democracy Spring Activists Show up at FERC for Donuts, Bagels, and Coffee While Calling Out FERC for its Undemocratic Ways

Washington, DC– Since Monday, hundreds of people from all over the country have been sitting-in on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC as a part of the Democracy Spring mobilization. They’re here to call for an end to the corrupting influence of money in politics.  On the first day of the sit-ins, over 400 people were arrested and filled DC’s holding cells to capacity. It was the largest civil disobedience action at the Capitol in US history.  Every day since then, the sit-ins have continued. Democracy Spring organizers are calling on folks to get to DC. Click here if you want to find out how.

In addition to Congress, another place where money is a democracy-killing poison is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Because FERC receives its funding from the oil and gas industries it’s supposed to regulate, it ends up operating as an arm of the industry by rubber stamping virtually every project application that crosses its desk.

To call attention to FERC’s undemocratic ways and to support the folks who are sitting in on the Capitol steps, Beyond Extreme Energy served donuts, bagels, and coffee in front of FERC on Wednesday ahead of Democracy Spring’s  direct action training that takes place every morning over the course of the mobilization.

Elisabeth Hoffman of MD showing us the difference between FERC and the communities it hurts
After marching from Philly with Democracy Spring, 350 MA members Shira (Williamstown) and Sue (Salem) join the Dunkin’ Democracy action at FERC. Shira’s sign refers to Article 97 of the MA Constitution which many are looking to as a way to stop companies like Kinder Morgan from taking land to build pipelines. Behind them is an image of FERC Commissioner Colette Honorable imposed on a merry-go-round animal, part of an art piece designed by Kim Fraczek to portray the revolving door between FERC and the industry it supposedly regulates


Dozens of Democracy Spring activists fuel  up ahead of another day of action. While gathered at FERC, we shared stories of pipelines, compressor stations, LNG export facilities, and the FERC rubber stamp machine.



Maren from North Carolina and Ben from the DC area helped plan the Dunkin’ Democracy breakfast and have been part of the ongoing Democracy Spring sit-ins. It’s clear that all of our issues are connected. Money out of politics, and an end to fracking and fracked gas infrastructure!
Lining the sidewalks at FERC, we sing, chant, and share stories of our different but interrelated struggles.





Beyond Extreme Energy is getting ready for a Rubber Stamp Rebellion in May! Click here to learn more and sign up. The drums of the rebellion are starting to sound.


Beyond Extreme Energy is currently raising money to fund the Rubber Stamp Rebellion. Please click here if you can make a much appreciated financial contribution.

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