It’s Time For the Rubber Stamp Rebellion


The winds of change are gaining speed, and Beyond Extreme Energy is working hard to make them even stronger. From May 15 – 22, in Washington, DC, and elsewhere where people are fighting fracking and fracking infrastructure, BXE and our allies will take coordinated action for the Rubber Stamp Rebellion (May 15 will be a day for training and art-building). We will say to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC):

Stop rubber-stamping gas industry permit applications and change the way you operate. Prioritize the emergence of wind, solar and other renewables above fossil fuels. We say: No New Permits!

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Since 1986, FERC has approved every proposal submitted to the agency for fracked-gas infrastructure.   And then on March 11, 2016, FERC rejected one: the 232-mile Pacific Connector pipeline and the companion liquefied natural gas export terminal at Jordan Cove, Oregon.

Organized resistance on the ground, combined with economic turmoil in the oil and gas industry, led to this FERC decision. We must make this decision a turning point in our campaign to transform FERC, end fracking, stop the build-out of fracking and other fossil fuel infrastructure and accelerate a just transition to a jobs-creating, renewable-energy economy. We say: Not one more fossil fuel infrastructure permit!

The May week of action at FERC and in communities around the country will take place right after the May 4 – 16 #BreakFree days of action around the world. BXE and our allies are actively supporting those actions. Together, we are building a massive movement for climate justice, democracy and a clean energy revolution that cannot and will not be denied.

We urge local frontline groups to be in touch with us about what actions we should take during this week – not just at FERC but at the DC offices of companies trying to build pipelines, compressor stations, storage or export terminals and at the offices of key U.S. senators or House members.

We also urge you to endorse BXE and these actions if you have not already done so. A list of the 77 endorsing groups can be found here.

We welcome the participation of endorsing groups in the planning process for this important week of action. Please contact us at

And we need donations to support this work! You can donate here.

Onward with the rubber stamp rebellion!


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