Walk for Our Grandchildren 2021

The Walk for Our Grandchildren is over! But more actions are being planned- stay tuned!

The Walk for Our Grandchildren culminated in participants blockading the doors of a Chase Bank credit office with rocking chairs. Elders and allies took this non-violent direct action to demand that Chase Bank Divest from fossil fuel extraction. Chase Bank is the largest funder of fossil fuel extraction in the US.
Check out photos from the 2021 Walk for Our Grandchildren and keep up with future actions at: https://www.facebook.com/2021walk4ourgrandchildren

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Check out photos here: https://bit.ly/3CT5EvJ

More details at the Walk for Our Grandchildren 2021 website: https://2021walk.wixsite.com/4ourgrandchildren

In 2013, a multi-generational group of climate activists walked from Camp David, Maryland to Washington, DC. Their goal: to tell President Obama and other policy makers that we must keep the majority of fossil fuels in the ground.

Now, in 2021, elders and youth are walking once again to demand climate action from President Biden, who has promised bold actions to address climate change. However, his current proposals are still inadequate to address the climate emergency.

By walking in the summer of 2021, we want to remind the Biden administration and others that our love for our families and their futures requires a rapid, uncompromising transition away from the unhealthy, unsafe extraction and burning of fossil fuels while embracing renewable energy, especially solar and wind power.

​If YOU care about climate justice and the future of our children and grandchildren, there are many ways that you can get involved. Join us along the many routes of our walk, from Scranton, Pennsylvania to Wilmington, Delaware, from June 20-28. If you are able to join us, please contact earthsun2@gmail.com while we are working on our event registration forms.

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