Our Line In The Sand Is Everywhere

It’s all one fight.

No home belongs in a sacrifice zone. We’re going to fight for them. All of them.

Beyond Extreme Energy stands with these and many more front line communities and campaigns.

Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline  c2cf910a25594bcfba80a7226a18b7a2

Residents of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania are preparing to nonviolently block the construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline: “We will not let Williams Partners billionaire CEOs destroy Pennsylvania farms, streams, homes and woodlands.”



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Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Dominion Resources wants to build a 550 mile long, 42-inch pipeline through some of the most beautiful and fragile areas of WV, VA, and NC. Residents, business owners, and activists are pushing back.

www.friendsofnelson.com                 www.allpainnogain.com

10714_438644402977887_1547002444810454200_nBakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition

Physicians, bird lovers, students, farmers, faith communities, grannies, and more.  Iowans know how to build a winning team to stop a pipeline cutting all the way across their state.


lehigh valley gas truth

Lehigh Valley Gas Truth

Fracktivists in Bethlehem, PA defend their homes against the natural gas industry.


minisink3Minisink, NY

Citizens of Minisink, NY battle Millenium Pipeline, Inc. and its compressor station because Minisink matters.



myersvilleMyersville, MD

Dominion Resources wants to expand the dangerous  compressor station it recently built within this small town. Hell, no.


Citizens-Rally-at-NB-Meeting-7-16-2014No LNG Oregon

Oregonians are currently fighting two LNG export proposals, Oregon LNG and the Jordan Cove Project. Both projects would disrupt forests and waterways, increase gas rates, and impact hundreds of private property owners.


Port Ambrose LNG protestPort Ambrose LNG Port

Either this proposed export facility off the NJ-NY shore is A) in the same area as a proposed wind farm or B) a devastatingly easy target for terrorists. The correct answer is C) BOTH. Govs. Cuomo and Christie have until late spring to veto the project.


10325527_10203648988919450_6149827762573989801_nStop The Algonquin Pipeline Expansion

FERC has conditionally approved Spectra Energy’s plan to build new pipeline infrastructure across NY, CT, RI, and MA, but the four-state coalition saying NOPE (No Pipeline Expansion) means that this fight for public safety is far from over.


b8ad296c-cc16-483e-be8d-825aecb602b9Stop The Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline

Kinder Morgan’s unnecessary new natural gas pipeline would run through hundreds of private properties and many fragile ecosystems. Massachusetts, however, may spark still another American revolution, this one against a tyrannical gas industry.


PennEast pipelineStop The PennEast Pipeline

Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents, including dozens of municipal governments, say this new pipeline unwanted and unneeded.


Cove-Point-protesters-holding-banner-By-Kevin-W.-ThomasWe Are Cove Point

Citizens of Calvert Co., MD and outside allies are fighting Dominion Resources and its planned LNG export terminal in the residential community of Cove Point in Lusby, MD.


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