No New InFRACKstructure 2018 Action Calendar

BXE No New InFRACKstructure 2018 Action Calendar

April 18, 2018 

Beyond Extreme Energy is publishing a calendar of actions being planned, in the works or on-going. We will publish it at least every two weeks. It is available at, and it is also distributed via email and social media. It is a calendar primarily for actions aimed at stopping the building of any new fossil fuel infrastructure. Submissions for this listing should be sent to and should include location, date(s), description (short) and contact info.

Let’s build the movement! 

Actions to stop fossil fuel expansion: 

April 23, Albany, NY: Cuomowalkthetalk permitted mass action at the Statehouse, as well as civil disobedience, with prior preparation.

April 22, Buckingham County, VA.: statewide action against Atlantic Coast Pipeline and planned local compressor station.

April 22, nationally and internationally: Earth Day!

April 26-29, Western North Carolina: Southeast Trans and/or Women Action camp.  . Workshops and discussions on: urban and rural direct action, art & activism, anti-fascist and anti-racist organizing, DIY medicine and first-aid, herbalism, caucuses and much more. More info here.

April 28, Lore City, OH.: Fracking: Your Health and Industry Liability all-day event.

May 7, nationwide, #ShutDownChase day of action. “JPMorgan Chase is one of the most destructive businesses on the planet.” For more info, including about an April 26th Mobilization call, go to:

May 12, Hammond, IN: “Walk the Line” Pipeline Walk: March against Enbridge Line 6.

May 19, worldwide: Hands Across the Sand, “Say NO to dirty fuels and YES to clean energy.” 

June 9, Washington, DC, and elsewhere: March for the Ocean. “NO to offshore oil testing, leasing, drilling and spilling, NO to plastic and other forms of Ocean pollution and YES to protecting our coasts at risk. YES to a Healthy Ocean and Clean Water for All.

June 23-25, Washington, D.C.:  Beyond Extreme Energy convergence and actions, including as part of Poor Peoples Campaign mass demonstration on June 23 and at FERC (and elsewhere) on June 25: “There are cracks appearing at FERC; it is time to escalate.”

July 21, Washington, D.C: This is Zero Hour march. A youth-led call for climate action. “Center the voices of diverse youth in the conversation around climate and environmental justice.”

 To be determined/finalized:

 April 25, Charlotte, NC: Bank of America shareholders meeting

May 9, Richmond, VA.: Dominion Power shareholders meeting

Mid-June, North Carolina Walk to Raleigh to Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline:

Early September, San Francisco, CA.: Demonstration at Global Climate Action Summit.

Sept. 29, Washington, D.C.: Demonstration calling for a halt to the expansion of gas and oil infrastructure and for renewables now. For more information:


Vancouver, British Columbia: Stop the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline, Protect the Water, Land and Climate.

Mahwah, NJ:  Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp. Support the Ramapough Lenape Nation in defending their right to pray and speak out against new pipelines on their ancestral lands in New  Jersey.                                             

Baltimore, MD: #WeAreCovePoint will be at MDE offices in Baltimore on Wednesdays during lunch time, reminding state officials that their job is to protect our air (and climate), not Dominion Energy’s profits. Sign up for a Wednesday shift.

Middletown, NY, every Saturday 11 am-noon: Shut Down CPV gas-fired power plant on Route 6.

Giles County, WV: Tree-sit to prevent cutting down of trees for Mountain Valley Pipeline:

Southern Louisiana, L’eau Est La Vie Camp. No Bayou Bridge pipeline

Camp White Pine, Huntington County, Pennsylvania: Stop the Mariner East 2 pipeline.

Lancaster Against Pipelines, Lancaster, Pa.: Stop the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

Virginia: Three Sisters Resistance Camp: More info here.

Cloquet, Minnesota: Resistance to Enbridge Line 3:  More info here

Southeastern Justice First Tour, April 12 to June 23:

 Other actions of note:

May 13/Mother’s Day to June 23/Summer Solstice: Poor People’s Campaign actions: A National Call for Moral Revival. Nonviolent moral fusion direct actions in numerous state capitols each Monday during that 40 day period. Final action in DC on June 23.