No New InFRACKstructure 2018 Action Calendar

BXE No New InFRACKstructure 2018 Action Calendar

Sept. 14, 2018 

Beyond Extreme Energy publishes a calendar of actions being planned, in the works or on-going. We publish it every one-two weeks. It is available at, and it is also distributed via email and social media. It is a calendar primarily for actions aimed at stopping the building of new fossil fuel infrastructure. Submissions for this listing should be sent to and should include location, date(s), description (short) and contact info.

Let’s build the movement!

 Actions to stop fossil fuel expansion: 

IMMEDIATE: L’eau Est La Vie Camp: This is an open call for all water protectors, kayaktivists, radical sailors and water going folk to join us on the frontlines as we fight the tail end of the Dakota Access Pipeline in the swamps of Louisiana. If you are interested in stopping the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, make plans to come to Louisiana NOW. Because of the urgency of the situation, we are pausing the application process to join Camp and instead are asking all protectors to come to Camp as soon as possible. Please EMAIL US at with your name, phone number, why you want to come to camp, when you would arrive and how long you plan to stay. We will respond with the directions to camp and what to bring. Please note that if you show up to camp without emailing us first and without receiving an email invitation, you will not be allowed to enter camp.  For more than a month, in the face of ETP’s escalated tactics, we have disrupted and stopped construction in the Atchafalaya Basin on the water, on the ground and in the air. The more protectors here on the ground, the more we can stop construction. Join us.

Sept. 18, L’eau Est La Vie Camp is calling for a day of action to #StrikeDownETP. The day of action is being timed around a key court date centered on St. James, a community of color inundated with toxic infrastructure. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline ends in St. James, and now a court may finally rule to give St. James an evacuation route that they have been demanding for years. Please support and amplify this call to action.

Oct. 12-14, Grassroots Organizing Summit,  Laurelville Retreat Center in Mount Pleasant, PA. The Summit seeks to better prepare emerging organizers and to reinvigorate seasoned organizers to face the challenges presented by the shale gas and petrochemical buildout in the Appalachian region. Read more and register here.

Oct. 13, Global Day of Action against gas and fracking: Gas Down, Frack Down, Rise Up! Information here.


Levering, MI, Shut Down Enbridge’s Line 5: A camp has been set up to protest Canadian oil transport company Enbridge’s Line 5, which carries millions of gallons of oil and natural gas liquids each day, splitting into two pipelines as it passes underwater through the Straits of Mackinac. More info here.

Appalachians Against Pipelines. Months of direct action resistance, tree sits and lockdowns to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline. More info here.

Vancouver, British Columbia: Stop the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline, Protect the Water, Land and Climate. Information here.

Mahwah, NJ:  Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp. Support the Ramapough Lenape Nation in defending their right to pray and speak out against new pipelines on their ancestral lands in New Jersey.  Facebook page here.   

Middletown, NY, every Saturday 11 a.m. – noon: Shut Down CPV gas-fired power plant on Route 6. Information here.   

Southern Louisiana, L’eau Est La Vie Camp. No Bayou Bridge pipeline. Facebook page here.

Camp White Pine, Huntington County, PA: Stop the Mariner East 2 pipeline. Facebook page here.   

Cloquet, MN, Resistance to Enbridge Line 3:  More info here

In the works:

Mid-October, Super-Villains Support FERC, Washington, D.C. : Beyond Extreme Energy is organizing a creative, theatrical action inside the U.S. Senate buildings on Capitol Hill to call attention to Trump’s expected nomination of a climate denier to be a FERC commissioner. Right now there are two Democratic and two Republican commissioners, with one vacancy. For the first time ever, the Democratic commissioners are often voting against new gas pipelines and infrastructure. We say: No Senate vote on Trump’s nomination until there are hearings and action to address FERC’s abuses of people’s rights, the environment and the law. Find out more about the action,  show your interest, and provide other input, here.

 Other Actions of Note:

 Campaign Nonviolence Action Week, Sept. 15 – 23: 2,380 actions and events focused on ending war, poverty, racism and environmental destruction in all states and 23 countries. More information here.

Election Day in the United States, Nov. 6: Elections for all members of the House of Representatives, a third of the U.S. Senate, governors, state representatives and senators, and other offices.