HELP Stop the #FERCus with Social Media!

There will be more than 500 participants throughout our week of actions in DC!  With this in mind, some of us on the ground will plan on reporting back live to social media.  What we need from our friends and family who may not have the ability to be with us in-person is some dedicated social media boosting — this is a critical role that only works when many people get involved.  This will ensure greater coverage within your individual communities due to your leadership and knowledge of local media and active citizens.  On the national level, we have an opportunity to expose this “rogue agency” of rubber-stamping industry supremacy so that action can be taken to dismantle this rigged process and end the enabling of fossil-foolish infrastructure projects and all related fracking industry #communicide.

For those who want to dedicate efforts above-and-beyond what is laid out below, PLEASE fill out the form at the bottom of this page 🙂

To assist in timing your much needed and appreciated social media skills, please keep our Stop the #FERCus Schedule of Events handy:

The bulk of our live twitter activity will be during weekdays from 7AM-4PM for your re-tweeting and custom tweeting excellence.  We anticipate anywhere from 3-6 facebook postings in a day and would appreciate you sharing these with your communities (on facebook pages, facebook groups, on your timeline and your friends’ timelines)

Photos from the action will also be available in our Flickr Group entitled “FERCus” — this can be accessed by contributors who can upload photographs from the actions.  In order to contribute to this group, you must have a registered account and send a request to the admin of the group to be added:

Be sure to use this primary hashtag (for twitter and facebook):


Please include this hashtag which includes communities beyond FERC that are exploited by dirty corporate energy systems and government enabling:


Facebook Action
Like our facebook page first: Beyond Extreme Energy #BXE
Please check back directly for action updates throughout the 21st-31st — we are planning on publishing articles, sharing press coverage, developing video and image memes, posting photo galleries and more from our skilled media team’s dedicated efforts.

If is great and simple to “Like”, but remember to please use the “Share” feature to spread these postings to as many people you know on facebook.  This is important to develop more engagement beyond our present networks.

If you are feeling ambitious, please feel free to “Tag” your friends in images or videos to draw them into the conversation.

Practice Here.

Twitter Action
Follow our twitter account: @BXEAction

Please re-tweet photos, videos, articles, front-line messaging, and updates.  Please re-tweet this and feel free to add the “@” handles of friends in your own custom tweets.

Please craft your own tweets in order to help our large-scale front-line guided efforts to gain both local and national media coverage. Please mention @BXEAction freely.  We will be able to post a few examples tweets for each of the days of action, but there are only guidelines.  Let your creativity flow!

Lastly, please check back on this page for….

“Themes, Hashtags & Handles of the Day”

Every Day:
Tuesday Morning, May 26th (Nationwide #NoLNGExports Day of Action) :
#NoLNGExports (use this for all Tuesday tweets)
Please Tag Our Friends and re-tweet them!
@NoLNGExports (having a statewide Oregon rally against fracked gas infrastructure) .@OregonGovBrown also @RobertKennedyJr @Waterkeeper
@WeRCovePoint (the site of an approved dirty LNG export terminal)
@SaveRGVfromLNG (opposition to LNG projects in the Rio Grande Valley)
With Love,
the BXE Social Media, Outreach, Front-line Support Teams






Previous Days of Action:

Thursday Afternoon, May 21st (to be updated 10pm, Wed, May 20th):
research your senators handles and be on the lookout for labor unions to whom you might tweet as well.
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