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Dear Friends,

On May 19-21 Beyond Extreme Energy is organizing three days of urgent outreach to members of Congress in a #BuildBackRenewableNow action. Join us!

On the 19th we will blitz Congress with emails and phone calls. On the 20th we’ll pressure FERC directly during their monthly meeting. And on the 21st we’ll tweet up a storm and use social media to make sure they get our message.

Sign up here to be part of this needed action campaign.

Right now Congress is debating a Biden proposal for an infrastructure bill, the American Jobs Plan, which would devote $2 trillion to a broad array of investments, including: electric vehicles, plugging abandoned extraction sites, retrofitting housing, water infrastructure, broadband access, care work for the elderly and disabled, and clean energy research. Republicans have pushed back on the cost of the plan as well as the inclusion of care work. 

While there are many good aspects of the proposed infrastructure plan, it continues to support false solutions, like ‘clean coal,’ fracked gas, nuclear power and biomass. 

We know the solutions. And we have the technology. We just need the political will to say it’s time to #BuildBackRenewableNow!

For over two years BXE has been leading a campaign to replace FERC with FREC, a Federal Renewable Energy Commission. Without question, renewables—wind, solar, moving water via currents, tides and waves, and geothermal—are not just the future, they are right now. Wind and solar with battery storage are economically viable, truly clean, jobs-creating sources of energy that in many parts of the world are less expensive than any other energy source.

That is why, on the 19th-21st, we will be demanding that Congress:

-enact a “renewables first” national energy policy which prioritizes environmental justice; and, 

-mandate that the nation’s federal energy regulatory agency must operate with this policy, including an end to eminent domain for any new fossil fuel projects.

Right now is the time when members of Congress need to hear from us! Democrats in Congress have been told by the White House that May is the month when the specifics of the American Jobs Plan should be finalized. This is the time to act.

Sign up here to get more information about and to be part of the May 19-21 #BuildBackRenewableNow days of action.

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