Interested in a simple living/ecovillage experience in rural West Virginia?

Five days in rural West Virginia between May 19 and June 11, 2017

  • Simple living, activist, ecovillage, experience in rural West Virginia.
  • Time to write, research, create.  Learn or swap ideas about Appalachian history, nature, gardening, tree crops, and carbon neutral ways of life
  • Room and board in exchange for three hours shared work per day – garden / orchard work, building, organizing for people and planet over profit.
  • Housing:  small separate bedroom and use of outhouse, Food: mostly local and mostly vegetarian
  • Please send a short (max 200 words) pitch for why you’re a good fit for this idea – Robin Wilson – I’ll email you back if it looks like it will work for one of the five day slots between the dates given.

for bxe blog(Local school kids making homemade cider for the first time.)

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