Call In Days to Protect Communities from Pipelines & FERC!

(Thanks to Delaware Riverkeeper for putting out this information)

Mark Your Calendars

  • April 5 & 6

Call In Days to Protect Communities from Fracked Gas Pipelines, Compressors and LNG Exports

Right Now, FERC Can’t Approve Any Fracked Gas Pipelines or LNG Export Facilities Because they Don’t have the Legal Quorum Necessary to Cast Binding Votes. Let’s Keep it That Way

Join the call-in days on April 5 and 6 when we’re asking you to make 6 calls to tell your Senators and the members of the Energy and Natural Resources committee to hold hearings to get to the bottom of FERC’s abuses of power and address them before approving one more appointee to the Commission!


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is a proven rubber stamp for fracked gas pipelines.  In 30 years, the FERC Commissioners have only rejected one (1) pipeline project.

Right now, FERC is operating without a Quorum – it only has 2 Commissioners, not the needed 3.*  Until a new FERC Commissioner is approved by the Senate, the agency cannot issue the Certificates needed to approve fracked gas pipelines, compressors or LNG exports subject to its jurisdiction.

This means communities are in a rare moment of protection.  Please help us fight to keep it that way.

We need Congress to keep FERC in this power vacuum until it has held hearings that expose the abuses of power and law inflicted by FERC on our communities and environment.  And to then craft legislative reforms that will prevent these abuses from continuing in the future – even if that means dismantling FERC altogether and replacing it with a better option.

Any time now, President Trump will nominate new commissioners for Senate consideration and confirmation.

Help us call on Congress to push for what we really need—congressional hearings that lead to needed reforms and an agency dedicated to facilitating a just transition to an exploitation-free energy system based on locally controlled and distributed renewable sources.

(* Information Note: FERC only has 2 confirmed Commissioners on its 5 seat Board.  Until FERC gets a quorum of Commissioners – three – it does not have the power to approve pipelines, compressors or LNG export facilities.)

It’s Time to Call Our Senators and Secure their Commitment to:

  • Oppose Any New FERC Commissioners
  • To Demand Congressional Hearings into FERC Abuses and Bias
  • To identify reforms that will result in an agency dedicated to a just transition to energy that serves the people rather than abuses them.

Demand an investigation and reform of FERC before supporting any Trump nominations.

What will we be saying to senators?

  1. FERC is a demonstrably biased agency – it has only denied one pipeline project brought before its commissioners in 30 years
  2. Trump’s nominees for FERC Commissioner need to be opposed until Congress has held hearings into FERC’s abuses of power and has identified and put in place needed reforms.
  3. Ask Trump’s nominees the tough questions that will expose the bias and abuses that exemplify FERC.

Find more information and all of the resources you need to make your calls, including phone numbers, a sample script, and an optional form to tell us how your calls went here:

Details can also be found at our Facebook event page:

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