Call In Days to Oppose Trump’s Nominations to FERC

Right Now, FERC Can’t Approve Any Fracked Gas Pipelines or LNG Export Facilities — Let’s Keep it That Way

Join the call-in days on March 22 and 23 when we’re asking you to make 6 calls to tell your Senators and the members of the Energy and Natural Resources committee to say no to Trump’s FERC nominations, and to call for the creation of a new agency dedicated to transitioning our energy system off fossil fuels. Find your senators’ numbers here and scroll down to get the names and numbers of three committee members to call!


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is a proven rubber stamp for fracked gas pipelines. In 30 years the FERC Commissioners have only rejected one pipeline project.

Right now, FERC is operating without a Quorum – it only has 2 Commissioners, not the needed 3. Until a new FERC Commissioner is approved by the Senate, the agency cannot issue the Certificates needed to approve fracked gas pipelines, compressors or LNG exports subject to its jurisdiction.

This means communities are in a rare moment of protection.

We need Congress to keep FERC in this power vacuum until steps are taken to replace it with an agency that’s about a just transition off fossil fuels.  

Any time now, President Trump will nominate new commissioners for Senate consideration and confirmation.

Help us call on Congress to stop or delay Trump’s nominations, and to push for what we really need—a new agency dedicated to facilitating a just transition to an exploitation-free energy system based on locally controlled and distributed renewable sources.

It’s Time to Call Our Senators and Secure their Commitment to:
• Oppose Any New FERC Commissioners
• To Replace FERC with an agency dedicated to a just transition off fossil fuels

We’re calling on communities across the nation to call key Senators on, March 22 & 23 and then again on April 5 & 6

Below, you will find all the resources you need to make your calls, including phone numbers, a sample script, and an optional form to tell us how your calls went.
To find your senators’ numbers:

Call Your Senators, Plus More
In addition to your senators, please call at least 4 members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee which is responsible for holding hearings on Trump’s nominees to FERC.

Senator Maria Cantwell, Minority Ranking Member: 202 224 3441
Senator Bernie Sanders: 202 224 5141
Senator Al Franken: 202 224 5641
Senator Ron Wyden: 202 224 5244
Senator Debbie Stabenow: 202 224 4822
Senator Angus King: 202 224 5344
Senator Mazie Hirono: 202 224 6361
Senator Tammy Duckworth: 202 224 2854
Senator Catherine Cortez Masto: 202 224 3542
Senator Joe Manchin: 202 224 3954
Senator Martin Heinrich: 202 224 5521

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Chair: 202 224 6665
Senator Rob Portman: 202 224 3353
Senator John Barrasso: 202 224 6441
Senator James Risch: 202 224 2752
Senator Mike Lee: 202 224 5444
Senator Jeff Flake: 202 224 4521
Senator Steve Daines: 202 224 2651
Senator Cory Gardner: 202 224 5941
Senator Lamar Alexander: 202 224 4944
Senator John Hoeven: 202 224 2551
Senator Bill Cassidy: 202 224 5824
Senator Luther Strange: 202 224 4124
Sample Script

Please note that this is a template. Feel free to revise it as you’d like. The more personal you can be, and the more specific about your own concerns, the better.

When Calling Your Own Senator:

My name is (name). I’m a constituent of (name of Senator) from (your town and state). I’m calling to urge my senator to vote no on Trump’s nominations to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

FERC is an arm of the fossil fuel industry. It rubber stamps fossil fuel infrastructure without properly considering the health or climate damage from these permits. FERC hurts my community and the climate while promoting the fossil fuel industry.

Until you or your colleagues put forward legislation to replace FERC with an agency dedicated to facilitating a just transition to an exploitation-free energy system based on locally controlled and distributed renewable sources, you must deny FERC’s quorum by voting no on Trump’s nominations.

Please understand that I am watching (name of senator)’s vote on this. If the senator votes yes on the nominations, I will know he/she does not stand with me, my community, the people, or the planet.

When Calling a Committee Member who is not Your Senator:

My name is (name). I am a resident of the United States who is concerned about FERC’s abuses of power and law when it comes to reviewing and approving pipeline infrastructure projects and LNG export facilities.

I am calling Senator X because he/she serves on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee that will be holding hearings on Donald Trump’s nominations for FERC Commissioners.

FERC has a demonstrated history of abusing communities and misusing the law when it comes to reviewing and approving natural gas infrastructure projects.

I am urging Senator X to use his/her position on the Committee to oppose confirmation of any new Commissioners to FERC, until such time as Congress takes steps to replace FERC with an agency dedicated to a just transition off fossil fuels. 

If you want to be able to give more detail here is a little bit more:

¬ FERC routinely uses a legal loophole that strips people of their legal right to challenge a pipeline project in court before FERC allows the company to use the power of eminent domain to take property and to actually start constructing activities for their pipelines.
¬ FERC routinely undermines states rights and legal authority when it comes to pipeline reviews.
¬ It has been documented that FERC has a revolving door between agency staff and the gas industry.
¬ FERC Commissioners are known to approve pipeline projects that benefit themselves and their family.
¬ FERC is known to use consultants in its pipeline process that are working for the very companies they are supposed to be reviewing on behalf of FERC.

If you are talking to a live person, and want to engage in some dialogue, here are some questions you could ask to find out where the Senator stands and to see if they are open to input during the nomination process regarding questions and information:

Can you tell me where the Senator stands on FERC commissioner appointments at this time? (Respond appropriately by saying thank you or by reiterating the need to vote no. The staffer may mention that Trump has not nominated anyone yet. Be sure to indicate that this isn’t only about who the nominees are. Be clear that until legislation is put forward to replace FERC, you demand that the senator vote no on all appointments, and that FERC lacking a quorum is a good thing).

Would the Senator support legislation to replace FERC with an agency dedicated to a just transition off fossil fuels? (If yes, ask what the senator will do to make such legislation a reality. If no, tell the senator that you can’t support candidates who don’t stand with you, your community, or the planet, and that unless the senator shapes up, you will join the effort to vote them out.)
Tell Us About Your Calls

It would help to know who you called – if you are willing to share this information please do so at the link below:


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