Call Out House Dems: Help Stop FERC Nominations

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Last week, 14 Democrats in the House wrote a letter to Trump calling on him to make FERC operational again by putting forward nominees for the open commissioner spots. These representatives don’t understand FERC like we do. For some reason, they think making this rubber stamping agency operational again will be helpful. We know otherwise. Let’s speak out!

Maya van Rossum with the Delaware Riverkeeper Network has been circulating this organizational sign-on letter to send to the 14 House Democrats. Please consider having your organization sign on!

If you’re from a state represented by one of the House Democrats (MA, NY, MD, VT, CO, IL), consider giving them a call. Below, you will find phone numbers to their Washington, DC offices, as well as a sample script. Please use the organizational sign-on letter and/or your own personal knowledge/insights/stories when calling as well.

MA Representative Joseph P. Kennedy

MA Representative William R. Keating

MA Representative James P. McGovern

MA Representative Michael E. Capuano
(202) 225-5111

 MA Representative Stephen F. Lynch
(202) 225-8273

MA Representative Nicki Tsongas

MA Representative Seth Moulton
(202) 225-8020

MA Representative Katherine M. Clark
(202) 225-2836

MA Representative Richard E. Neal
(202) 225-5601

NY Representative Paul D. Tonko
(202) 225-5076

MD Representative John P. Sarbanes
(202) 225-4016

VT Representative Peter Welch
(202) 225-4115

CO Representative Diana DeGette
(202) 225-4431

IL Representative Bobby L. Rush
(202) 225-4372

Sample Script/Messaging

Hello, my name is _________ from ___________.

I’m calling about the letter Representative __________ signed with 13 other Democrats calling on Trump to approve new commissioners to FERC. I am disturbed by the letter.

FERC funding and staffing are heavily tied to the industry they supposedly regulate. That’s why FERC approves virtually every fracked gas infrastructure permit that crosses its desk, regardless of community opposition, negative health and environmental impacts, and devastating climate change consequences. Such undemocratic and corrupt practices put communities in the state at risk in order to serve the bottom-line of the fracked gas industry.

Without a full quorum of commissioners, FERC can’t approve devastating, unwanted, and unneeded fracked gas infrastructure. This is a good thing.

Until FERC is investigated and its abuses stopped, I demand that their quorum not be restored.

Tell the representative to publically rescind his/her support for Trump to appoint new commissioners to FERC.


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