Love Orange County, Don’t Frack it Up!!

(A message forwarded to the BXE network by Pramilla Malick.)


Dear Friends and Neighbors:

As we reflect on the things we love; clean air, water, our children, our homes, the food we eat; Millennium Pipeline (owned by TransCanada) seeks to place all of that and more at risk. They are trying to take advantage of the chaos at FERC (due to the sudden resignation of a commissioner), and request a Notice to Proceed, on the Valley Lateral Pipeline to serve the massive CPV Valley Power Plant, before they have ALL of their state permits, a complete violation of the law. They have asked for permission to start cutting trees by February 24th so we must respond quickly and loudly!!

We need you to urgently call Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Schneiderman and tell them to defend our state resources and communities and object to this request. Also tell them to reject this pipeline once and for all and kill the CPV Power Plant, a project built on bribery. Object and Reject!

Tell them, Love Orange County, Don’t Frack it Up!!

Governor Cuomo now 518-474-8390

Attorney General Eric Scheniderman 212 416-8446

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos 518-402-8545

Then download our Valentines Card and mail to Governor Cuomo.

Also Please note, that we have ready made 4X6 postcards already printed that you can pick up from these locations!!
Westtown Deli
Route 284

Westtown NY

SlateHill Orchard

Slate Hill, NY

Sunflower Cafe

Goshen NY

Goshen Diner

Goshen NY

Conscious Fork
Tuscan Café
Noble Pies
Warwick NY
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