Virginia pipeline fighters stand with BXE

no acp meme

Our friends in Virginia fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline send a message of support to BXE:

“In response to Senator John Barrasso’s request to denounce Beyond Extreme Energy #BXE and his attempts to villify our fam in the resistance against ecological destruction.

No, we will not denounce BXE’s tactics or their actions. They are justified. They are escalating because FERC continues to ignore the voices of those saying no to fossil fuel projects. BXE is our extended family and we support… their choices. No more divide and conquer.

There are surely nonprofit orgs out there who claim to be fighting for our futures, but who will continue to distance themselves from groups like BXE and No ACP because these non-profits often have competing interests, as well as financial or philanthropic ties to the same corporations that are killing us. They do so even without request, for fear of ruffling one financial feather or another. We hope that will change very soon.

We hope the nonprofit world, a.k.a Big Green, will see that they are on the wrong side, and that these corporations and the institutions that uphold them are toxic. We hope the staff and directors of these groups realize the dedication of those who do this work without compensation, those who engage out of love and out of necessity. We hope they realize the political climate is really shifted by grassroots organizations, who take risk and direct action, that force them to react. Power to the people. BXE you have our love.”

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