Josh Fox Arrested At Seneca Lake Protest

photo by Bob Nilsson,

Award-winning documentarian Josh Fox was arrested today in New York in support of We Are Seneca Lake and their fight to stop a dangerous underground fracked gas storage facility.

In a statement, Fox connected the dots between Seneca Lake’s immediate problem—Crestwood Midstream and their harebrained scheme to store liquefied gas in depleted salt caverns adjacent to the lake—and the federal agency which gave Crestwood Midstream a green light to do it.

I’m also here to say the regulatory agency, which is FERC — the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — which is just 5 people who are appointed by the president — is really acting like a subsidiary of the fossil fuel industry masquerading as a government agency. FERC has to be overhauled. FERC is a disaster. There is no public participation that has any meaning and it is very, very unclear how those decisions are being made.

Amen, Josh!

Taking a stand in support of groups like We Are Seneca Lake is implicitly a condemnation of FERC’s role in authorizing outrageous gas company behavior. Conversely, we are going to confront a root cause of Seneca Lake’s problems by taking action together in DC at FERC May 21-29 during Stop The #FERCus.

FERC is a rogue federal agency acting against the best interests of our country. Help stop them now!

(For more coverage of We Are Seneca Lake and Josh Fox’ arrest today, including the mini-documentary Fox made, check out

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