An Invitation To Student Divestment Groups and Leaders from Beyond Extreme Energy

Dear Student Allies,

These past few months have been outstanding for the divestment movement. Its been very humbling to see the growing success of fossil fuel divestment campaigns all across the country. This unity of students is a force so powerful that it is changing the way major institutions regard their portfolios and demanding that they use their prerogative to take a moral stand against anthropogenic climate change. I commend all of you for your tireless work to divest your schools from fossil fuels.

Just as many universities are being held accountable for their investments in dirty energy, there is another major institution that is being called out for an alarming hypocrisy. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is an independent agency whose mission is to “regulate the interstate transmission of natural gas, oil and electricity.” However all of their funding comes from the fees they receive from the fossil fuel industry. Thus their bottom-line is to approve every proposed project for fossil fuel infrastructure p despite how severe the resulting health, safety and climate impacts are.

Watch this video to learn more and fill out this form to participate in a week of action to stop business-as-usual at FERC.

Our Mission:

BXE_Silent_EcoWatch Photo by Erik Mc Gregor

Beyond Extreme Energy is a non-profit organization that formed in 2014, which organized a mass blockade of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last November 3rd – 7th. They are committed to transforming FERC from a rubber-stamp agency for fossil fuel infrastructure into a leader in an urgently needed transition to renewable energy to eliminate greenhouse gas pollution.

FERC-impacted areas like Minisink, Myersville, Seneca Lake and Cove Point have been defended by frontline communities that have dutifully abided by FERC’s rules to stop construction of harmful natural gas infrastructure projects. Despite posing strong evidence of health, safety and environmental impacts, FERC has been unresponsive to community voices. When all the legal routes are rejected, nonviolent direct action becomes the last option for people to defend their rights. Acts of civil disobedience are springing up all over the country to shut down FERC-approved projects, which is a tactic we are replicating on FERC’s doorstep.

Our Invitation:


We will return to FERC this May 21st – 29th to “Stop the FERCus” because we know that the commissioners of this agency are acting as rubber-stamping clowns for the fossil fuel industry. We will once again engage in nonviolent civil disobedience to shut down the building.

As inheritors of the future world, students have a critical voice in the fight against corporate power and climate change. Thus we are devoting a day of “Stop the FERCus” for student activists. We invite you to join us for Divestment Thursday on May 28th to show FERC that the next generation is demanding that they cease expansion of natural gas infrastructure.

To sign up, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you soon.

Kelsey Erickson
Videographer, Beyond Extreme Energy

 Can’t make it to DC but still want to help? Here’s what you can do…

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