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FERC doesn’t work – and it’s about to get worse. Trump’s pro-industry commissioners are ready to use their new rubber stamps to approve more fracked-gas pipelines while Congress pushes legislation to expand FERC’s authority. PLEASE head for FERC on Sept. 20 at 8:30 a.m. The change starts here. Click here for more details.

arrest at ferc hearing


Three people were arrested as they interrupted Senate committee hearings for the last two Trump nominees to serve on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  One of them, Andrew Hinz (top), who worked at FERC for 25 years, called out: “Have a conscience! FERC is destroying the atmosphere!” Read all about it at our  blog post.


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Three people representing a coalition of nearly 170 groups were arrested disrupting a committee vote to advance the president’s nominees to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  They stood up and spoke out about FERC’s abusive practices and disregard for the environment. Read all about it at our blog post.



BXE protesters disrupted hearings for President Trump’s nominees to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, calling out “FERC hurts families, Shut FERC down!” and “FERC hurts families, FERC hurt towns” and “The future is watching.” Four were arrested and one detained. Read all about it and view photos and videos here.

Trump Nominates New FERC Commissioners, We Pledge Resistance


There is no such thing as a good FERC commissioner. Until Congress takes steps to replace the agency with one dedicated to a just transition off of fossil fuels, the Senate should oppose all nominations. It’s especially important to block appointments to FERC now because the agency is operating below quorum and any delays in the confirmation process is a delay to all of the harmful fracked gas infrastructure projects that are awaiting FERC’s rubber stamp.  Read on here.


The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a $5 billion high pressure fracked gas pipeline proposed for WV, VA, and NC. Among its many potential harms, it would negatively impact farmland and farm families along its 550 mile route. BXE’s sweet potato action gave voice to impacted communities in all three states while focusing on the particular concerns of sweet potato farmers in NC (NC is the nation’s leading producer of sweet potatoes).

picsart_02-19-12-34-54Call to Oppose Trump’s FERC nominations

Call on Congress to stop or delay Trump’s nominations to FERC and push for what we really need: an agency dedicated to a just transition from fossil fuels. We’re asking communities across the nation to call key senators on  March 22 & 23 and then again on April 5 & 6. Read all about it at our blog post

[photo from E&E News]

Oppose Trump’s appointments to FERC

President Trump will appoint three people to the five-member Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). If your organization would like stay connected to the effort to oppose the nominations, please fill out this form. We’ll be in touch about the ways we plan to pressure senators to vote no on these appointments, including potential actions and other ways to get involved. Questions or concerns? Contact


Please join us as we seek to pack the Thursday, Jan. 19, meeting in DC of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the agency that ruins communities and our climate by rubber stamping fracked-gas infrastructure and much more. Facebook event page here. Also planned are speak-outs from people in front-line communities from 10 -10:30 a.m. and a rally from 10:30 – 11 30 a.m. Email us at for more information.

BXE stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and other indigenous leaders in their efforts to stop the North Dakota Access Pipeline.
1. Shut down these banks, close your personal accounts
2. Demand withdrawal of militarized sheriff departments
3. Join the Mississippi Stand to shut down DAPL in Iowa
4. Lots more information here.

On Dec. 1, more than a hundred #NoDAPL actions across the world are kicking off a Global Month of #NoDAPL solidarity to #ProtectWater in the face of escalating human rights abuses. Join this Thunderclap by noon Dec. 1 to amplify our voices.

The financial footing of the Dakota Access Pipeline is in jeopardy if Energy Transfers does not complete the project by Jan. 1. If this deadline is missed, a majority of the shippers with contracts to use the pipeline will be able to renegotiate or cancel their contracts. Read more here. DNB Bank of Norway, one of the major financiers, has already sold its assets in the company due to public pressure and is considering withdrawing its loans.

Indigenous leaders are asking people to keep up the pressure on the investors of Dakota Access Pipeline and the Sheriff Departments that have been brutalizing peaceful water protectors.


#NoDAPL: BXE stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Indigenous leaders are calling on us to take action and disrupt “business-as-usual” one week after the election to demand that President Obama’s Army Corps of Engineers and the incoming administration stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Actions in the United States, aimed at the Army Corps of Engineers, and around the globe are planned Tuesday, Nov. 15. Find an action near you here.  (And no surprise here: The incoming president has up to $1 million invested in this pipeline. )

Straw bales needed: The Standing Rock camps are having problems getting straw bales for construction and insulation.  North Dakota and South Dakota sources are drying up and refusing to sell or deliver to Standing Rock. Please spread the word that straw bales are needed; transportation can be worked out. With the first significant snow expected this week, firewood and winterizing will be needed. Please share and refer folks so we can make sure #protectors and families are cared for during the harsh winter ahead.

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Beyond Extreme Energy supports the Standing Rock Sioux’s stand against the 1,134-mile Dakota Access Pipeline. Read about the protectors on our blog post and about a  New Haven, CT, solidarity protest here. Read all about BXE’s solidarity action at TD bank branches in DC here.

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BXE has created a Frontline Community Support Fund. Read all about it in our blog post.

group photo

BXE activists blockade the entrance to the Democratic National Committee offices. Read all about it in our blog post.

Beyond Extreme Energy extreme? Not at all. Read all about it at our blog post.

BXE activists interrupted  U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to carry the message of “No LNG Exports” to the Virginia Energy  Forum. Read all about it at our blog post.


rebellion start

The #RubberStampRebellion has been at FERC (and much  more) this week. Read blog posts from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 and Day 4. The schedule is here.


People of faith told FERC commissioners at their April meeting that permits for fracked-gas pipelines and other infrastructure are harming all life and morally wrong. Read about it and watch videos at our blog post here.


Dozens of Democracy Spring activists show up for BXE’s Dunkin’ Democracy event at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. See more photos and read about our action on the BXE blog here.

protect land

Michael Bagdes-Canning writes about wealthy companies’ seizure of private lands in Pennsylvania for fracked-gas pipelines. “It may be legal, but it is not right. The courts may sanction it, but there is no justice,” he says.                     Read his blog post here.

table scene

On the sidewalk in front of FERC, Beyond Extreme Energy and other activists talk about that agency’s destructive permits. They implored FERC commissioners to join them for pancakes cooked on a solar stove and topped with the last syrup from Megan Holleran’s maple trees, which were cut down for a pipeline. Filmmaker Josh Fox, Holleran and five others were arrested in the #PancakesNotPipeline action. Read all about it at the BXE blog. (Photo via Twitter by Eleanor Goldfield at Art Killing Apathy.) Also, be sure to view Josh Fox’s short film about the Holleran family, their maple trees, climate change and the #PancakesNotPipelines action at FERC.

New Yorkers confront FERC to halt AIM Pipeline

Led by Nancy Vann,  a Peekskill landowner whose property was taken by Spectra for pipeline construction, several New York residents stood up at FERC’s March public meeting  to ask the commissioners why they have ignored Gov. Andrew Cuomo’’s urgent request to halt construction on Spectra Energy’s Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) project. Protesters, including Cari Gardner (above), were forcibly removed from the room. Read the full report at the BXE blog here.


BXE hails FERC’s rejection of the Jordan Cove LNG facility and related pipeline in Oregon. It is one of many projects BXE has targeted during actions at FERC. During BXE’s 18-day water-only fast at FERC last fall, Francis Eatherington, above, was roughly led out of a FERC meeting while trying to explain her concerns about the project. Read BXE’s and Eatherington’s reaction at our blog here.


Dozens from around the county rallied in March against Dominion’s planned fracked-gas liquefaction and export facility at Cove Point. Read about Cove Point Spring Break here.

lede nc image

Protests are mounting against Duke Energy’s plans to “modernize” with yet another generation of fossil-fuel powered plants.  Read Steve Norris’ BXE blog post here.

pipeline sitin

Several BXE activists have been in northeastern Pennsylvania to stand with a family and community trying to stop the clearing of maple trees for the 124-mile long Constitution Pipeline. Tree-chopping has begun. Read blog posts by Ted Glick of BXE here and here.


ResistAIM defenders block work on Spectra’s fracked-gas pipeline under the Hudson River. Read all about it at the BXE blog here.


In a carefully coordinated, rolling cross-country action, Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) and Stop the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline (SWRL) delivered humorous but pointed Valentine’s Day cards (such as above) to the four FERC commissioners at their homes and DC residences. A press release is here.  Press coverage here  and here. To send a belated card, grab your paste, markers, fancy doily hearts and construction paper (or print out our #valentine) and get all the details here.

exxon fighters new

Charges have been dropped against these BXE climate activists, who called out Exxon for the company’s #ClimateCrimes. Read more at the BXE blog.


The #FrackingBanner went on a 10,000-mile tour. Click the image to see the schedule. Contact BXE at if you’d like the United States of Fracking banner to visit your community. #FloodtheSystem


More Than 80 Health Professionals Demand Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Stop Unethical Experiment

Check the BXE blog for more.

View FERC’s official calendar here.